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Steve Shaff


Originally from the Philadelphia area, Shaff moved to Washington, DC in 1986 as a George Washington University doctoral candidate seeking a PhD in Political and Social Psychology. Prior to GWU, he earned 2 years of college credit from the University of Maryland, European Division, while stationed in Germany while serving in the U.S. Army.  He graduated from West Chester (PA) University after his Army service earning a BA in Psychology. Despite a promising career in academia, Shaff took a leave of absence from his doctoral program to seek a more ‘applied’ path to creating substantive social and economic change.  He’s been an avid idealist, realist, social entrepreneur, organizer and political activist ever since.

Andrea Miller

Associate Partner


Rodney North

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Community-Vision Partners 

Advisory Board

Alan Rosenblatt, Digital Political Strategist

Amy Kincaid, Founder, Change Matters

Andrea Miller, Founder, People Demanding Action

Andy Shallal, Founder, Busboys and Poets, Social Enterprise Activist

Brooke Kidd, Founder, Executive Director, Joe's Movement Emporium

Chris Van Arsdale, President, VND Development

Dana Beyer, Founder, Freedom to Work

Daniel Koroma, Community Outreach Manager and Liaison to African and Caribbean Communities with the Montgomery County Office of Community Partnerships

David Feldman, Co-Founder Livability Project

David Levine, CEO & Co-Founder, American Sustainable Business Council

Fran Teplitz, Social Investing & Policy Director, Green America

Jim Epstein, Founder, Blue Ridge Produce

Jim Schulman, Founder, Alliance for Regional Cooperation

Karen Dolan, Fellow / Director, Cities for Progress, The Institute for Policy Studies

Larry MartinEnvironmental Protection Agency

Maybelle Bennet, Director, Howard University Community Association

Mary Lou Tietz, Development Consultant, In the Spirit Consulting

Maurice Cook, Executive Director, Serve Your  City

Michael Schuman, Author, Founding Board Member, BALLE

Richard Eidlin, Co-founder, Public Policy Director, American Sustainable Business Council

Wayne Curtis, Former Vice President, Fannie Mae; Managing Partner, Curtis Concepts

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