Cross-Sector Services & Expertise

Community-Vision Partners was conceived to integrate major sectors to build a financially profitable ecosystem that fuels significant social change by combining Community/Business Organizing, Political Activism & Strategies, and Social Enterprise  Our strategy also includes providing direct services to our clients and strategic allies that can reinforce our common goals. 


We also welcome service providers and professionals who are interested in offering their expertise or would like to take advantage of business development opportunities from the C-VP cross-sector networks.  We believe that today’s gig economy provides serious challenges to many talented professionals who could use a supportive collaborator – or access to C-VP networks.  


Representative Services includes:



  •  Community Redevelopment Consultation

  • Organizational Development  

  • Affordable Housing and Commercial Investment and Development & Strategies

  • Real Estate Financing (Commercial and Residential)      

  • Community Arts and Creative Economy Development     

  • Green Jobs and Business Economic Development     

  • Business Development & Networking Services     

  • Panel Participation and Speaking Engagements (various topics and areas of expertise)


  • Community Organizing and Strategic Planning 

  • Lobbying and Advocacy (MD, DC and national) 

  • Digital/Social Medea Coalition Building



  • Advocacy/Lobbying (local/national) 

  • Progressive Movement Activism and Leadership 

  • Political Strategies & Development

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