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The 'Catalyst'

The C-VP Business Catalyst "Your Network is your Net Worth"

John F. Kennedy's now-famous seafaring metaphor "a rising tide lifts all boats" holds true. Our intention for the platform is to help identify and catalyze existing founders, stakeholders and emerging leaders, and seek to understand their challenges while building critical pathways to improved outcomes and trust in a trust-less environment by promoting and fostering reputation. 


We feel that the best way to achieve accelerated growth in any business, start-up, or mission is by creating a 'good business' milieu to personally connect and broaden the conversation with each other, through dynamic interaction. Within this framework, relationships deepen and creates trust and opportunities not found in today's virtual ecosystems.  

Advocates for socioeconomic mixing—the comprehensive integration of social groups and classes in the economic life of a given location—have the research on their side of the harmful effects of segregation. Many of us even fight this daily within our own chosen fields. And we know that people who live in segregated groups are less likely to interact and socialize with people in other income groups. This results in suffering from significant communication challenges, a narrative we all know needs to change in a world of Tweets and smart phones. The same could be said for business leaders and founders who function in their own segregated and isolated ecosystem.

The Catalyst brings back face to face business networking with an all-in-one platform to accelerate business leads within a professional and vetted group, and where everyone has a shared focus and mission on accelerating business leads for each by authentic and deep connections. We know that an entrepreneur's life can be isolated. We also believe that entrepreneurship needs to be holistic. By being with others who are on a similar journey, fostering relationships among unique and diverse groups of other creative minds, encourages growth and supports innovation needed by society (our constituents, our customers).

“We now live in a global village where we can mimic the ties that used to happen face to face, but on a scale and in a way that has never been possible before... to engage in a humanness that got lost along the way, and a seismic shift from individual getting and spending towards a rediscovery of collective good.” -  Rachael Botsman


Think of the Catalyst as deepening your existing network with shared benefits from working with other social entrepreneurs that encourages and supports innovation and reach. It is the collective good of deeper relationships in this New Economy and critical to managing your reputation. Businesses, opportunities, contracts and jobs, they come and they go. And you never know when you'll need to gain the trust of someone in your career fast. Your network is truly your net worth.  

The Catalyst also functions as an Associates of C-VP (Community-Vision Partners). Each member of the Catalyst becomes part of something much bigger. Those who wish to become full Associate Partners with full access to our massive network, direct business leads and Team contracts, will be given that opportunity under our Associate Partner Program (C-VP-APP).


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