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Become an Associate Partner

C-VP is seeking a handful of very special Associate Partners to join our team.  

We are looking for professionals who have specific and broad-ranged skills sets, and who are interested in collaborative team work, and or 'work for hire' in a gig economy. Our marketplace is at the beginning of an idea or vision in the spectrum of community development. 

Like yourself, the team behind the magic is an inquisitive group of high-achieving entrepreneurs. We are product gurus, customer champions, developers, non-profit organizers, conveners, trainers, marketing mavens and social media socialites, website developers, public relations specialists, business and management consultants, investors and philanthropists, artists and visionaries, social and environmental activists, green jobs and sustainability specialists, and who all share working together to build a better way to connect people and quickly solve problems with sustainable solutions.


We are all virtual home offices. We have coffee stains on our notebooks, cats sleeping on and dogs curled up under our home office desks waiting for a pat on the head. We meet and convene at shared spaces and coffee shops all over the Greater Washington, DC area. And we party anywhere when it comes to celebrating each other's successes. Working on fun and challenging projects are the sandboxes we like to play in.    


“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller


If you are a small business or solo professional, and are interested in joining something that is growing towards large scale, something that you can jump into right now with absolutely no risk or out of pocket money, and is something that can create more value for you as a professional belonging to a partnership, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you. Interested?


Call, text or email eric@potomactalent.com or 202-957-4447 cell.  

If you're interested in our platform of this new share economy based on 'Trust' (tight-knit relations), please view this TED Talk with Rachel Botsman.