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CROSS-SECTOR Community Change through

Initiating. Facilitating. Agitating.

“The inspiration for ‘Community-Vision Partners’ is literal. We need a greater community vision for sustainable local and global change that can only happen if we work in partnership at every level. It's the only way we can drive vital solutions that challenge the unsustainable, destructive and dominant status quo."

                                                                                                            — Stephen Shaff, Founder

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Our Philosophy

Community-Vision Partners is a Benefit LLC with a mission to facilitate, integrate, and agitate for initiatives the achieve profitability and transformative social impact.   

Community-Vision Partners strives to achieve financial and social returns by integrating social enterprise, organizing and political advocacy efforts that drive transformative community change.


The current economic, environmental and political status quo is on a dangerous path that threatens our economic stability, democracy, and even the fate of the human race. Countering this reality requires an incredible united effort from multiple stakeholders – especially from the social enterprise and the emerging New Economy business sector. C-VP’s mission is to accelerate the implementation of a community and economic development model that combines the savvy and best practices of social enterprise with organizing and innovative social solution strategies. 

Social Enterprise

Under served Community & Economic Development


Affordable Home Ownership & Investment



Community Stakeholder Consultation Services


Green Jobs and Business Development


Organizing & Advocacy

Sustainable Business Growth & Transformation


New Economy Development


Sustainable Business    Development & Activism


Community Empowerment              Advocacy



(from the ‘hood’ to the Hill) 


Progressive Movement Activism and Leadership


Political Strategies & Development 


C-VP collaborates with a number of accomplished and influential professionals, and other strategic partners to offer services that increase and reinforce community stakeholder initiatives that drive fundamental economic, environmental and civic change.

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