Community-Vision Partners


Community-Vision Partners is a social enterprise with a mission to initiate, facilitate, and agitate for the common good.

Community-Vision Partners strives to achieve financial and social returns through cross sector collaborations that integrate social enterprise investment, community organizing and political advocacy initiatives that drive transformative community change.  


The current economic, environmental and political status quo is on an unsustainable path that threatens our economic stability, democracy, and even the fate of the human race. Countering this reality requires a united effort from multiple stakeholders. 


Solutions to most of our social, economic, environmental problems already exist and are growing throughout most of the world. We believe that offering clear and pragmatic alternatives to systems dominated by unsustainable and destructive economic and political status quo is the best path toward real lasting change. C-VP’s strategy is to: 

  • Implement Scalable Economic Models that better serve the common good 

  • Provide Consultation and Services to coalition allies that can replicate pragmatic alternative initiatives and paradigm change

  • Leverage C-VP’s Cross-Sector Networks within the interrelated business, political, policy and community development/social justice sectors

  • Develop Impact-Investor Pipelines to fuel targeted efforts that accelerate change that can be a viable alternative to current destructive status quo systems

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