Kimberley Jutze

Kim Jutze.png

Kimberley Jutze is a social activist and founder of Shifting Patterns
Consulting, a B Corporation that transforms teams for greater social
impact. She helps socially responsible business and nonprofit
leaders identify what’s really getting in the way of effective
teamwork, build the skills to address these challenges, and put a
support system in place to maintain improved performance.

Kimberley has helped social enterprise accelerators, like Ashoka
Changemakers, social responsible business associations, like
Chesapeake Sustainable Business Council, and social justice
networks, like National Justice for Our Neighbors determine their
strategic direction, build stronger teams, and mobilize resources.
Kimberley has written a case study for the 10 th edition of
Organization Development and Change, is the author of the
“Nonprofit Funding and Long Term Sustainability” Social Good Guide, is a regular contributor
to SEE Change Magazine, and was a Nonprofit Radio guest in November 2015 for a show on
collective impact. Kimberley has a Master of Science in Organization Development from
Pepperdine University and a Master of Arts in International Politics from American University.