One of the first projects of C-VP was the co-founding of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Council.  CSBC, in collaboration with the American Sustainable Business Council , seeks to help engage the power of business to create change, increase localism efforts, advocate for small, local and green business priorities and other initiatives that build sustainable 21st Century opportunities within our communities.  

The formation of CSBC is only one component of the organizing that C-VP helps to facilitate in behalf of the common good.

The Chesapeake Sustainable Business Council is a business-led educational and advocacy organization whose mission is to promote sustainable business viability, awareness, and impact within the Chesapeake region (MD, DC and VA).


CSBC's mission is to promote sustainable business awareness, impact, and viability throughout the Chesapeake region (MD, DC & VA). Our goals are to:

Increase sustainable business activity, influence and market share among an emerging consumer and clientele base

Connect sustainable businesses to each other to increase business-to-business activity

Advance public policies that ensure a vibrant, fair and sustainable economy

Initiate collaborations with elected officials, policy organizations, non-profits, social enterprises and other community stakeholders that amplify Local, Green and New Economy growth